Meet the GuateVerde 2012 Finalists

guateverde2012_sidebar1. HITECA: Founded by former AIDG and former Xelateco employees, Hiteca is a company specializing in the installation of micro-hydroelectric systems for villages.

2. Safin Arquitectos:
Building high quality green homes for a price affordable to every Guatemalan. These homes include the use of recycled materials, water filtration systems and solar power.

3. PROACMA: Pumping technologies for farmers. They currently have two patents: a waterwheel and a hydraulic ram pump.

4. SOLUCIONES ECOLOGICAS: Producing locally sourced biodegradable alternatives to plastic bags, cups and plates.

5. ECOCOMAL: Making high efficiency stoves and water filters for the Guatemalan market

6. DIOSA: Designing LED lighting and energy efficient systems for businesses in Guatemala.