D&E Green Enterprises wins KBA 2010-2011

Congratulations to Duquesne Fednard and Jean Fritz Fednard of D&E Green Enterprises, winners of the 2010-2011 Konkou Biznis Ayiti. D&E Green Enterprises is a stove manufacturer that produces Ceramic Jiko stoves called the “Echo Recho” for the Haitian market.

Echo Recho

Due to the ceramic liner the Ceramic Jiko stove uses 30-50% less charcoal than traditional steel Haitian charcoal stoves. D&E represents the first large scale commercial attempt to bring the Ceramic Jiko to the Haitian market.

A Lawrence Berkeley Lab stove lab study shows a strong performance by the Echo Recho relative to other stoves in the Haitian market. A draft of this study is available here.

D&E hopes to leverage Gold Standard carbon credit financing to scale their production. And if the success of ceramic Jiko stoves in other regions is any indicator of potential they have plenty of room to scale. A good example of what production of Ceramic Jiko’s can look like at scale is offered by Toyola Energy in Ghana whose Moneybox stove is now, after just two years in production, the primary cookstove for 940,000 people.

Good luck to D&E Green Enterprises as they work to bring similar results to Haiti.

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