2009 Guateverde Winner Quetsol in the Prensa Libre

The 2009 GuateVerde Winner, Quetsol, has received much positive press in recent months, being featured in the Prensa Libre, the largest circulation daily newspaper in Guatemala, El Periódico and Energy Entrepreneurs.

El Periódico: …Y se les prendió el foco

Quetsol: Tono and Juanish

“Tono” and “Juanish”, the astrophysicist and the business manager, lifelong friends and now partners in a company looking to grow through renewable energy.

Two young men travel to [Guatemala’s] most remote villages to promote a solar energy system that can compete with candles on price. They are the winners of a national competition for renewable technology initiatives. Their goal is to bring light to the nearly half a million Guatemalans that still live in the shadows.

Prensa Libre: Energía solar es otra opción

Quetsol: Juan Fermín Rodríguez

15 percent of the country’s total population still lives without electricity , but for Quetsol solar energy can be an option.

Quetsol as featured on Energy Entrepreneurs

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