Happy Holidays From AIDG-2010 Winter newsletter

Happy Holidays! Thank you for the help in 2010!

2010 has been the most important year of AIDG’s history: After the earthquake of January 2010, you supported us in a way that challenged us to expand our services and analyze our mission. Thank you for that support and that challenge. AIDG has done more in 2010 than in the prior 4 years combined. 6 companies identified and supported. Over 2000 people given technical training, impacting the lives of over ten thousand. Almost 70 volunteers engaged in the field, more than in the past 3 years. More constituents receiving energy, water, sanitation and housing services directly from us and from our incubated companies than we have ever seen. It has been a hard year but we are proud of what we’ve accomplished with your support. Here are some highlights of the year.



Konkou Biznis Ayiti 2010 Semi-finalists

Konkou Biznis Ayiti

In response to the devastating January 12 earthquake, the theme of the 2010 Konkou Biznis Ayiti was Haïti Renouvelée (Haiti Renewed). We were looking for Haitian entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses that can aid in the country’s reconstruction. Here are our six semi-finalists.

Lwil Agogo
Gael Pressoir
Lwil Agogo

Modelled after the award-winning Lèt Agogo, Lwil Agogo will use jatropha to provide a an environmentally friendly fuel source, animal feed and land restoration crop all while ensuring a decent and stable livelihood for small and medium sized farmers. Jatropha oil can be used in modified engines as a diesel substitute (the second largest commodity market in Haiti, absorbing 17-25% of Haiti’s hard currency, potentially US 280 million US). Jatropha shells can be used for briquettes ($60 million US market) and the seed pulp for animal feed (approximately $65 million US market). The initial franchisee (Lwil Agogo Saint-Marc, based in Artibonite region of Haiti) will employ 250 farmers and We will provide an internal rate of return> 20% to our investors. For an initial investment of 316 881 USD during the ten (10) years with a discount rate of 10%, the NPV is close to 166 580 USD (and assuming a low productivity). The NPV is positive after the sixth year.
D.&E. Green Enterprises

Duquesne Fednard &
Jean Fritz Fednard
D.&E. Green Enterprises

D & E Green Enterprise, is an institution working in the field of clean and renewable energy in developing countries. Our goal is to find sustainable local solutions to energy problems for all those using biomass as primary energy source by using the market model. Our stoves (EcoRécho) are equipped with a ceramic coating which makes them very efficient and are capable of reducing coal consumption by 50% without affecting the speed or the cooking method. In addition, our products are manufactured locally using local raw materials, creating jobs and other business opportunities in Haiti, where more than 66% of the population was unemployed and 80% lived below the poverty line before the earthquake. To date, we have manufactured and distributed to the local population more than 6,000 improved stoves.
Gary and Tania Pierre-Charles

K-Rapas seeks to solve two issues simultaneously: using non-biodegradable refuse (car tires, juice bottles, milk cans, Styrofoam take-out boxes) to build temporary housing for internally displaced populations. Units are quick to build and quick to take down, cost approximately $2,500 (but per-unit cost diminishes with larger-scale projects) and recycle 250 tires, 3,000 plastic bottles, 500 milk cans and 8,000 Styrofoam plates. The homes will be sold in packages (25, 50, 75, 100) to developers and/or resettlement initiatives.
Lesly Grandin &
Jean Eveillard Cazeau

Bongaz was founded in Hinche, Plateau Central in 2009 to help rural people gain access to propane stoves. Sensitive to Haiti’s intense environmental degradation, it’s goal is to spearhead on the one hand, a of propane gas supply center, distribution of stoves adapted to the specific needs of street vendors and canteens; and on the other hand, a simple distribution model suitable for low-income households. Bongaz will build a network of stove distributors across 5 neighbouring municipalities in the region. The company seeks to achieve a turnover of 5.5 million gourdes, or U.S. $140,000.

Elan Moncher

ACOD (Action et Cooperation en Developpement) was started with the goal of generating income and promoting the availability of certain services in the communities of Mont-Organisé and Carice. Focal points are integrated agriculture, agro-industry and marketing of agricultural products and inputs. The first product will produce vermicompost from kitchen waste, crop residues and starter worms. The product will be used in ACOD organic vegetable farm and excess production will be sold to other farmers and agricultural organizations of local and regional market, representing 75% of farmers in target areas is more than 10,000 consumers whose majority is made up of heads of families. It will play an important role in sanitation as it uses waste as input.

Frantzcy Bien-Aimé &
Wilner François

The Centre de Production et de Commercialisation d’Energies Aternatives (CPCEA – Centre for Production and Marketing of Alternative Energy) seeks to be a one-stop shop for renewable energy in the goal of protecting the environment while turning a profit. CPCEA is planning to market ranges with improved furnaces and super-efficient fuel briquettes to the surrounding communities who hyper-consume charcoal. Based in Gonaives, the company will target the metropolitan population and that of surrounding communities (70,000 households, or 264,000 inhabitants) and is hoping to achieve a turnover of 28 million gourdes, or U.S. $700,000.

Please visit http://www.konkoubiznisayiti.com

RECELCA Wins Guateverde 2010

Recelca logo

Congratulations to Vinicio Sosa and his company RECELCA, the GuateVerde winner for 2010!


RECELCA is a Guatemalan company that offers a wide range of electronic recycling services, based on personalized attention, seeking the greatest benefits for the environment and our customers.

Our services are targeted to businesses and consumers, including:

  • Recycling of obsolete and outdated equipment
  • Certified Information Destruction
  • Purchase and Refurbishing of Obsolete Electronic Equipment
  • Let us help you develop and support a recycling program for global compliance and make our world a better place, free of toxic materials.

Recelca keeps toxic electronic waste out of landfills in Guatemala.

Thank you and congratulations to all the entrepreneurs who sent their applications to GuateVerde 2010.

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2009 Guateverde Winner Quetsol in the Prensa Libre

The 2009 GuateVerde Winner, Quetsol, has received much positive press in recent months, being featured in the Prensa Libre, the largest circulation daily newspaper in Guatemala, El Periódico and Energy Entrepreneurs.

El Periódico: …Y se les prendió el foco

Quetsol: Tono and Juanish

“Tono” and “Juanish”, the astrophysicist and the business manager, lifelong friends and now partners in a company looking to grow through renewable energy.

Two young men travel to [Guatemala’s] most remote villages to promote a solar energy system that can compete with candles on price. They are the winners of a national competition for renewable technology initiatives. Their goal is to bring light to the nearly half a million Guatemalans that still live in the shadows.

Prensa Libre: Energía solar es otra opción

Quetsol: Juan Fermín Rodríguez

15 percent of the country’s total population still lives without electricity , but for Quetsol solar energy can be an option.

Quetsol as featured on Energy Entrepreneurs

More Information on Quetsol:

Quetsol’s Profile on AIDG.ORG

Cholera in Haiti and Regional Infrastructure

AIDG’s Executive Director Peter Haas just did an interesting post over at the TED Fellow’s Blog on what is needed to stop Cholera in Haiti long term:


A few days ago I got an email forwarded from a friend who was forwarding it from another friend, about a small clinic in a small town of 10,000 people up north in Haiti:

“Things are beyond crisis stage now. We have over 100 people in two hangars in Borgne and supplies are scarce and by the time it trickles down to us, there is precious little left.”

So I did the only thing I could do from the US, I forwarded the email and got contacts and it ended up with PAHO and in a meeting with MSF, and a call went out to move additional supplies . . .

Tech R&D shutdown and Alterna

Due to budgetary constraints after 5 years AIDG is shutting down its tech R&D program to focus on its incubation services and getting more direct financial resources out to early stage SMEs in our region. AIDG will be concentrating more on capacity building for entrepreneurs and connection to higher levels of financing and revenue generation. Most of the physical plant resources and staff in the Guatemala Tech R&D program are being transitioned into a new Guatemalan venture called Alterna. Alterna will be working initially with Xelateco on more complex hydro-electric system installations. AIDG is continuing to close out existing projects in Guatemala, and is maintaining its Mason Trainings in Haiti.