So how do we get to Gore's 100% renewable? Part 2

Current Energy Consumption

Electricity – consumption: 3.816 trillion kWh (2005)
US Energy Consumption by Sector 1949-2007
Source: Energy Information Administration Electric Power Annual 2006

According to Gore, the greatest gains can be made in energy efficiency. For instance, existing technologies can raise household efficiency by 30 percent and decrease energy consumption and demand.

Has the U.S. done anything like this before?


Such wide-scale change needs to be government led…. and before you start wringing your hands about how this smacks of central planning…

Issue: Energy Infrastructure>/h1>

Issue: Politics and People

What about people like in coal mining towns and whose entire livelihoods depends on dirty industries? What happens to them and their families, their towns and communities?

America’s transition to renewable energy sources must also include adequate provisions to assist those Americans who would unfairly face hardship. For example, we must recognize those who have toiled in dangerous conditions to bring us our present energy supply. We should guarantee good jobs in the fresh air and sunshine for any coal miner displaced by impacts on the coal industry. Every single one of them.

Roger and Me

Decline in Detroit, Sheffield in England, Pittsburgh

China and India’s hunger for coal…

Electricity – exports: 19.8 billion kWh (2005)
Electricity – imports: 44.53 billion kWh (2005)

US Electricity Imports and Exports, 1995-2006

How would this effect the world economy

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