Video: Peter Haas on AIDG's Haiti Mason Trainings [TED.COM]

TED.COM just released a video of AIDG’s Executive Director Peter Haas, talking at TED Global in Oxford, about building collapse in Haiti and the importance of mason training programs like AIDG’s.

You can help us train a mason by giving $68. It is a great investment that will save lives in the next earthquake. Donate $68

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AIDG Masonry Training Flickr Photos

AIDG Confined Masonry Packet (Version 3) : In English | In Kreyol

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GuateVerde 2010 Semi-finalists


The 2010 edition of GuateVerde was filled with teams searching for greener waste management solutions and/or innovative ways to use recyclable waste to solve large-scale social problems. The following Guatemalan entrepreneurs have proceeded to the semi-finals of AIDG's 3rd business plan competition in Latin America and the Caribbean. These semi-finalists will compete for up to $50,000 in grants and small-business financing in front of a panel of judges Saturday October 16, 2010.

Vinicio Sosa

Started in 2009, RECELCA (Reciclajes Electrónicos Centroamericanos, SA) is a Guatemalan company led by Vinicio Sosa that is dedicated to providing reliable, safe and environmentally sound disposal and/or recycling of electronic waste. Visit for more information.
Productos y Sistemas
Jorge Mario García &

Ana Lucía Juárez
Productos y Sistemas

Inventors Ana Lucía Juárez y Jorge Mario García launched Productos y Sistemas to promote and sell their innovations in the Guatemalan market. One such product, the RET (Electronic Temperature Controller), was selected as one of the five best inventions of 2007 by the Department of Patents. The RET can help families that use electric calentadores in their showers save significant amounts of electricity and water.

Eduardo Zuñiga &
Byron Tucux

Revonagua, run by architects Eduardo Zuñiga y Byron Tucux, specializes in ecological wastewater treatment and purification systems based on subaquatic plants such as the Tule.
Dania Franco &
Oscar Melchor

Oscar Melchor and Dania Franco, the husband and wife team that makes up INNOVA (INNOVACIONES CONSTRUCTIVAS, S.A.), wish to produce emergency and low-cost housing from synthetic wood based on recycled TETRA-BRIK.

Nidia Gomez

Industrial Engineer Nidia Gomez and the rest of her team at Recogua (Recicladora Comercial de Guatemala) aim to provide recycling services in the Quetzaltenango and Totonicapan region of Guatemala. The new company would also provide environmental waste management consulting services to municipalities and businesses.

More information on GuateVerde (Spanish)

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