The Earth is Angry? Antigua's Pacaya Volcana Erupts

From CNN: Death toll climbs to 3 from Guatemala volcano

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Guatemala City, Guatemala — The death toll from the eruption of a volcano in Guatemala has risen to at least three people, an official said Friday.
Two villagers from El Bejucal and a reporter from CNN affiliate Noti 7 were killed as a result of Thursday’s eruption of the Pacaya volcano, said David de Leon, a spokesman for the national disaster commission.
The three victims were crushed by rocks strewn by the volcano.
Pacaya, located about 18 miles (30 kilometers) south of Guatemala City, began spewing ash and soot Thursday evening.

From Russia Today:

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With all these earthquake and volcanic eruptions I feel like the earth is trying to tell us something. Could it be this?

Richard Dawkins Reads Douglas Adams:

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