Where are they now: GuateVerde '09 Finalists


We’re about to kick off publicity for GuateVerde 2010, but you may be wondering what happened to our finalists from 2009. Here’s a quick look at what they are up to now.

Quetsol   Our winner, Quetsol, has a meeting with the First Lady next week for a possible outreach contract with the government placing photo-voltaic kits in homes.
Flowercin   Our special investment,Flowercin/Altec, is now Grupo Proamba – the name Altec turned out to be taken. They are nearly finished with their legalization process and are setting themselves up to include vermicomposting in their production techniques.
SET Renova   Set Renova has taken over a local business called Casa Solar. They are considering entering GV2010 to expand this business.

Sistemas Electricos   Sistema Electricas is still hard at work doing diagnostics and has expanded their business to include a series of feasibility studies.
Ingecofun   Ingecofun has not moved forward with their idea beyond the competition.
Reciclaje PET   Reciclaje PET has not moved forward with their idea beyond the competition either.

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