The Earth is Angry? Antigua's Pacaya Volcana Erupts

From CNN: Death toll climbs to 3 from Guatemala volcano

Duration: 2 min 19 sec

Guatemala City, Guatemala — The death toll from the eruption of a volcano in Guatemala has risen to at least three people, an official said Friday.
Two villagers from El Bejucal and a reporter from CNN affiliate Noti 7 were killed as a result of Thursday’s eruption of the Pacaya volcano, said David de Leon, a spokesman for the national disaster commission.
The three victims were crushed by rocks strewn by the volcano.
Pacaya, located about 18 miles (30 kilometers) south of Guatemala City, began spewing ash and soot Thursday evening.

From Russia Today:

Duration: 1 min 12 sec

With all these earthquake and volcanic eruptions I feel like the earth is trying to tell us something. Could it be this?

Richard Dawkins Reads Douglas Adams:

Duration: 53 sec

Video: Circuit Skills: Electronics Enclosures [Make Magazine]

Duration: 12 min 12 sec

Every useful electronics project deserves a good enclosure. Providing a proper case for your circuit can protect it from accidental spills & falls – plus give it a cool look you can proudly show off to those unfamiliar with soldering and such.

Follow along with Collin as he turns a barebones function generator kit into a sturdy and versatile tone-box fit for noise-jamming & testing purposes. Get more info and a parts bundle:

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Video: Give our Oceans Some Love. Use Less Plastic. [Good Magazine]

Duration: 1 min 49 sec

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today, and much of this plastic has traveled from our hands to our oceans. The most important thing you can do is use less plastic. Join the Blue movement and sign the plastic pledge at

FYI: Song: Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall

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Haiti and AIDG Jazz Fundraiser at Benaroya Hall, Seattle May 31st

Lucid Seattle Presents Inside Out Jazz Awards…

Date: May 31, 2010
Time: 630PM
S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium at Benaroya Hall
200 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101-3428
Google Map
Ticket Prices:
Seating chart:
$35 Founders Tier (VIP): Includes: best house seating and VIP lounge access
$35 Rows A-R
$25 Rows S-RR
$20 Second Tier
$15 Third Tier

Student rate $5.00 off second and third tier seating (must have valid student ID)
Special group rates are available please contact Farah Ebrahim 206 499-8079 or info {at] lucidseattle [dot} com.

Buy Tickets

Please be aware that there is an $8 Service Charge per order for tickets purchased on-line. There’s no additional fees for tickets purchased at the box office or at LUCID.


The IO Jazz Awards will honor those individuals, groups and organizations in the Seattle jazz community and beyond who exemplify this quality of sharing what is on the INSIDE, OUT. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be used towards the relief efforts in Haiti.

Special Performances by:

Evan Flory-Barnes’ Acknowledgment of a Celebration

Seattle bassist and composer Evan Flory-Barnes presents “Acknowledgement of a Celebration: Inheritance, Authenticity and Healing,” a large-ensemble fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and classical music, complete with modern dancers and freestyle break-dancers.

Clarence Acox

Clarence Acox is an awarding winning band director and jazz drummer. He is a familiar figure in the Seattle music scene and is a native of New Orleans. An accomplished and in demand drummer, Acox co-founded the Seattle Repetory Jazz Orchestra in 1995 and performed with the Floyd Standifer Quartet (now Legends quartet) at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant for more than two decades. In August 2007 Clarence Acox was awarded the Mayor’s Arts award by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

The Teaching

The group’s live performances have become a celebration of life, and a dip in the sea of rapture. The music weaves seamlessly through a myriad of feels – boom-bap hip hop grooves, explosive swing, emotion-laden rock, “fat-man” blues, samba, drum ‘n bass & meditative chanting.

Miles Davis Tribute Performance
Owour Arunga, Aham Olu, Scott Morning, Jason Parker

Leif Totusek

“Playing his own take on Rumba, African funk Seattle guitarist Leif Totusek leads one of the most promising groups, Freestyle Candela”, raves Fernando Gonzales, Boston Globe. His compositions are based on Soukous guitar with infuences ranging from Hendrix to Haiti.

The Storybox Allstar

Street poet Jesse Lee personifies what happens when dreams take flight. Born Seattelite his vision is simple: to paint poetry back into the hearts & minds of the masses using visual backdrops of mixed media projections & a tailored sound score of live and synthesized music. To some his unique presentation may signify the evolution of poetry, to Jesse Lee it just simple poetry, excessively dressed.

Darius Willrich

Seattle’s soul-singer-songwriter Darrius Willrich drips a sensuous interplay of soul, jazz, and inner city longings. Sure to engage all your senses, with the look, sound and feel of yesterday’s soul-today. The spirit of Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, and Herbie Hancock, season the musical stew that is Darrius…Sweet Urban Soul

Andy Clausen Sextet

Trombonist/Composer Andy Clausen established his sextet in 2007 with fellow members of the Roosevelt High School jazz band to serve as a testing ground for their diverse compositions. The compositions range in tone from powerful to lyrical to whimsical, yet each song conveys the commitment of the members of this group of young musicians and friends to a common vision of jazz that is both fresh and sophisticated

Greta Matassa

Greta Matassa wins wide acclaim in the Pacific NW for her contribution to Jazz Music. Readers of Earshot Jazz Magazine have voted her the best jazz vocalist in the Northwest. Jim Wilke, host of the syndicated “Jazz After Hours” radio program, praises her versatility. “She has a fearlessness in approaching material.” Seattle Times critic Misha Berson described Matassa as a vocal chameleon who “can sound husky or crisp, ebullient or wailing, girlish or jaded.” Matassa consistently displays these qualities in each of her performances.

Kelly Ash

“A rising Seattle talent, Kelly blends classic jazz and contemporary jazz, soul, blues, funk and Brazilian music to create an engaging atmosphere. Subtle, sensitive and polished, her honest delivery complements the rich, soulful quality of her voice.”

Adrian Sims

Seattle’s favorite neo-soul artist, Adrian has shared the stage with national R&B and soul artists Jon B, Avant, Case, Carl Thomas, and Dwele to name a few. With numerous performances at a steady pace and word-of-mouth spreading among the town and it’s artists. Counting Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, D’Angelo and Raphael Saadiq as some of his primary influences, Adrian has combined his inspirations into a stunning new sound all his own.

Emily McIntosh

EMILY MCINTOSH is an indisputably gifted Vocalist and one whose voice deserves to be listened to and celebrated. This Cum Laude Cornish College of the Arts Graduate is a full-time Vocal Coach & Session Singer. Emily has many accolades to her credit. She is the voice singing jingles of many of the most popular radio shows including The Delilah Show. She was the opening act for soul legend Al Green last year, and she’s shared the stage singing duets with Huey Lewis.Be on the look out for big things from Seattle’s Soulful, Jazzy Songstress Emily McIntosh

Tom Baker Quartet

Guitarist Tom Baker, drummer Greg Campbell, clarinetist Jesse Canterbury and bassist Brian Cobb have been working as a quartet since 2004, playing modern avant-jazz tunes and crafting beautiful and haunting improvisations. Their music blurs the boundaries between notated music and free improvisation; the unique sonic landscapes that result are grounded in history, while pushing at the boundaries of avant-jazz music.

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Where are they now: GuateVerde '09 Finalists


We’re about to kick off publicity for GuateVerde 2010, but you may be wondering what happened to our finalists from 2009. Here’s a quick look at what they are up to now.

Quetsol   Our winner, Quetsol, has a meeting with the First Lady next week for a possible outreach contract with the government placing photo-voltaic kits in homes.
Flowercin   Our special investment,Flowercin/Altec, is now Grupo Proamba – the name Altec turned out to be taken. They are nearly finished with their legalization process and are setting themselves up to include vermicomposting in their production techniques.
SET Renova   Set Renova has taken over a local business called Casa Solar. They are considering entering GV2010 to expand this business.

Sistemas Electricos   Sistema Electricas is still hard at work doing diagnostics and has expanded their business to include a series of feasibility studies.
Ingecofun   Ingecofun has not moved forward with their idea beyond the competition.
Reciclaje PET   Reciclaje PET has not moved forward with their idea beyond the competition either.

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Video: Peter Haas (AIDG) and Cameron Sinclair (AfH) talk reconstruction in Haiti

From Haiti Onward:

In the days and weeks following the January 12th earthquake, relief organizations and redevelopment efforts swarmed into Haiti—fueled by the immediacy to rescue survivors and develop temporary living scenarios. Now, with the disaster out of the headlines and the rainy season looming, opinions and direction are swirling as to “how” to construct a new Haiti. Will social venture prevail? How will the Haitian community be justly represented? How can the cycle of poverty be reversed and a more self-sufficient economy nurtured? Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, and Peter Haas, founder of Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group [AIDG], explain their perspectives, fears and truths surrounding the epic redevelopment effort.