Social Entreprise Conferences in February and March, 2010

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference 2010

New Frontiers: Redefining Service for the 21st Century:
This year’s theme highlights the emerging trends in social enterprise that benefit society throughout the public, private, social, and non-profit means. Over the last decade, the word “service” has become multi-dimensional, stretching beyond basic volunteering to encompass fields like micro-financing and corporate social responsibility, among others.

Date: February 27-28, 2010
Location: Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA
Price range: $40 – $110 depending on student status and Harvard affiliation

Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference

Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference, Miami-2010 will be your best opportunity in 2010 to learn, network, and connect with hundreds of top social enterprise/financial leaders and organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the state of Florida- in addition to organizations worldwide which have an interest in expanding to the region.

Date: Mar 17-19, 2010
Location: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Fl
Price Range: $179 to $545 depending on whether you are a student, in an NGO/Government or book early.
Agenda (subject to change): Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Bonus: Pete Haas, our ED, will be speaking on a panel.

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