AIDG Special Investment: Flowercin/Altec

AIDG would also like to announce that in response to the current dire situation at Lake Atitlan, we will be making a special investment in another GuateVerde team that is helping address the issue and support the communities most effected. Lake Atitlan, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala, has suffered from a harmful cyanobacterial bloom in the second half of 2009. The blue-green algae has spread across the surface of the lake covering it in a thick green scum. Local news reports cite sewage, agricultural runoff, and erosion related to deforestation as causes of the bloom.

Duration: 2 min 44 sec

Lago Atitlan. Photo taken in summer 2006.
The lake as it should be. Photo by Deborah Coleman

Cyanobacterial bloom at Lago Atitlan
The lake now. Source: Prensa Libre

Flowercin/Altec, a team based out of Solola, will be working with the local municipality at the Lake to collect organic material (trash) and convert it into nutrient-rich and affordable organic fertilizer. Flowecin’s business was previously recognized in Technoserve’s Idea Tu Empresa competition in 2007.

We at AIDG love Lake Atitlan and hope that through Flowercin/Altec we can help in the effort to improve the conditions of the lake and all who rely on its health.

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