Update on our sanitation work in Haiti: a meeting with CHF International

Over the past 2 years we have partnered with SOIL and SOL to build dry composting toilets in Haiti. All told SOIL has built 48 units; we’ve worked with them on 3 with another 1-2 on the way in coming months. As you can imagine of the hardest things about international development is assuring that technology you install remains in good condition and properly functioning over time.

Last week we got the opportunity to talk to members of the women’s group AFAPA who is in charge of maintaining one of the toilets we built with SOIL/SOL. It’s in located in the back of the main market in Petite Anse, a large neighborhood of Cap Haitien. At this meeting were 3 AIDG team members, 3-4 members of AFAPA, and 3 staff members from CHF International. CHF is the main NGO recipient of USAID funding in Haiti. In …, it received … which is it disbursing to NGO groups to fund various projects. Their main interest is in programs for job creation and income generation. They are very interested in sanitation and particularly in ways that sanitation programs can be done run sustainably from a cash standpoint.