Katie and Carlos Reaching Out


Here’s a picture Katie and Carlos coming back to the Intern House yesterday afternoon. Katie is our outreach guru, and Carlos is an amazing guy who keeps coming by the intern house to volunteer. We decided that due to ferocious dogs and for other safety reasons, to always do outreach work in pairs. So Kate goes out to visit communities several times a week, bringing with her other interns, or our main man Carlos. On the community visit she talks to the community leaders, and starts a process we have for determining what communities can obtain AIDG technologies.

Carlos is a swell guy—all the interns and myself like him a lot. He’s soft spoken, from Chile, studied literature at Yale, speaks with an American accent, and has happily helped us out on eco-construction and these outreach visits. He teaches at the local University at night, and thus has time during the day to help us out. Thanks Carlos!
Katie, I do have a bio for—here we go:

Katie Bliss (University of Sussex, UK, BA, Environmental and Development Studies)
Katie has worked with development organisations on various projects in the past including in microfinance in Cambodia and in sustainable wastewater management in Western Australia. Until recently Katie has been working as a Community Officer for the Energy Saving Trust in the U.K. The role included supporting community organisations to set up renewable energy projects and working to build up the local renewable energy supply chain. She has also volunteered and studied Community Renewable Energy systems at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. She has recently been travelling in South America and working on a community enterprise project in a Native Community in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Perù.