Ethan Zuckerman at BIF-5: Cultural bridges help you embrace your xenophilia [Video]

Duration: 17 min 02 sec

The activist, academic and co-founder of Global Voices shares a story about building cultural bridges, xenophilia and a little video game called War of Warcraft.

My Tweets from his talk

  • @EthanZ is talking about the importance of bridge figures when u encounter a new culture 2 help u embrace ur xenophilia #bif5
  • @EthanZ shows CNN photo of Chinese army crackdown on riots in Llasa. The version used crops out the rioters throwing rocks at Army vehicle
  • From @EthanZ’s talk: #bif5
  • RT @HelenWalters [P]ower of relationships in WOW. @ethanz tells of @joiito advising guild member on joining US army in real world. #bif5
  • RT @ jpamental: @EthanZ: we’re ALWAYS communicating 2 a global audience, who are listening to us & how we talk about their culture. #BIF5

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