A Roundup of Tweets from the IDB Business Meeting in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Here is a roundup of the tweets from the InterAmerican Development Bank International Business meeting in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

  1. Clinton talk, push SME development, need to build out airport in Cap, need to build roads, Haiti turning corner, IS more stable 3:16 PM Oct 1st
  2. One group in small solar systems saw seven fold slaes increase from 100K USD to 700K USD this past year. 2:25 PM Oct 1st
  3. In group deal meetings on the energy sector. Saw several applicants that were matches for E+Co. Including one from our konkou in biodiesel 2:23 PM Oct 1st
  4. It is essential that Haiti`s political class works in spirit of cooperation to smooth over bueracratic processes and form favorable climate 7:51 AM Oct 1st
  5. Canada believes development of SME should be foundation of economic growth. Launched Haiti markets program.7:48 AM Oct 1st
  6. Amb. Canada: Haiti second largest investment partner for CA, after afghanastan. 555 mil CAD invested. At forefront of debt reduction. 7:47 AM Oct 1st
  7. IDB value added TAS (technical assistance) roughly 400K in Haiti. Future oncentrate on infrastructure, agirculture, managirial training SME 7:39 AM Oct 1st
  8. IDB MIF (microentreprenuer investent fund) 6.8 million dollar portfolio in Haiti. 7:35 AM Oct 1st
  9. Exports currently only 12% of GDP, has protections and favorable regimes with the US. IDB invests in road, electric, ag, watsan, tourism, ed 7:33 AM Oct 1st
  10. Steven Puig, Q:why haiti why now? A: It is about Haiti`s growing possitive trajectory. 7:29 AM Oct 1st
  11. The panel for the IDB needs a moderator. The monologues are going too long. 7:25 AM Oct 1st
  12. strong new protections for international investors to encourage investment tax breaks, need to create conditions 4 productive investment 7:13 AM Oct 1st
  13. Minister of commerce, we are ready to accept investment.7:04 AM Oct 1st
  14. Haiti`s PM: Jobs and economic development are a priority of the Haitian Government, foreign investors must work with local entreprenuers 7:03 AM Oct 1st
  15. Haiti`s PM opened strong: need to remove negative media image, move away from aid and into job creation, build roads, make investent 7:01 AM Oct 1st
  16. At IDB international Business meeting in Haiti. Waiting for President Clinton, Prime Minister Pierre-Louis to speak. 6:09 AM Oct 1st
  17. PCH on his way to Port-au-Prince today for a Haiti conference put on by the InterAmerican Development Bank 6:51 AM Sep 30th

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