Day 3 CGI: AIDG honored by Bill Clinton for our work in Haiti [Video]

Duration: 6 min 22

Bill Clinton honors AIDG along with Fonkoze, Partners in Health, BRAC, Jacob Fruitfield Food Group, Habitat for Humanity International, Green Family Foundation, Sunnight Solar, International Action, Micronutrient Initiative, and James Lee Witt Associates for outstanding work in Haiti.

In 2009, AIDG became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. CGI, created by Former President Bill Clinton in 2005, is a non-partisan organization that brings together global leaders from the public and private sectors as well as civil society to discuss challenges facing the world today. But CGI is not all talk. There is a very strong focus on action. Members of the initiative are called on to devise and implement innovative solutions to these challenges. The initiative culminates in a yearly conference where each member must make a specific commitment with measurable results and success metrics that will address one or more of CGI’s focus areas for that year. CGI staff then monitors the progress and success of these commitments throughout the year.

2009 CGI Action Areas

  • Harnessing Innovation
  • Strengthening Infrastructure
  • Building Human Capital
  • Financing an Equitable Future

Here is AIDG’s commitment that was selected for presentation during the plenary:

Over the next 5 years AIDG will scale its business incubation services to create 25 new infrastructure development enterprises for underserved communities. These enterprises will aid a combined population of over 200,000 people, bringing water, sanitation, energy and other desperately needed services. From $1.25 million in initial investment, these entrepreneurs will generate $5 million per year in economic activity and will help bring basic services to struggling communities.

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