Day 1 CGI 2009: Omidyar Network pledges $30m to support SGBs; to serve 50K people in Haiti [Video]

The Omidyar Network announced a three-year, $30 million commitment to support global entrepreneurship, especially in India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Their investment into emerging market entrepreneurship seeks to ignite innovation and foster a more entrepreneurial culture within these countries. Omidyar Network focuses on high-impact entrepreneurs, those with a proven business model and the ability to scale their operations to serve hundreds of thousand or millions living at the base of the pyramid.

Today at the opening plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White announced the organization’s $2 million commitment to provide 50,000 people in Haiti with safe water and sanitation over the next three years.

And now for something a little different: a president chaser.

The Parade of Presidents

It’s UN Week in NYC, so the heads of state were out in full force at Day 1 of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

[FYI: Videos were recorded with a Flip Mino and uploaded with FlipShare. It erodes the quality quite a bit. If we get more video today, I’ll see if I can upload it in HD. ]

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