Tweets for the Tweet (04/03/09)

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Here are some choice tweets from the past week. Some abbreviations have been expanded for readability and to not incur the wrath of grammarians.

  1. After an intense week at our business plan/biogas workshop we’re at the penultimate day. We’re having the teams practice their pitches. Yesterday
  2. GPS coordinates for our Haiti office: 19 45.816 -72 12.021. One of our composting toilets in Shada 19 44.896 -72 12.274. * 7:48 AM Apr 1st
  3. Haiti needs jobs. With 900,000 youths coming into the job market in next five years, dismal prospects are the main threat to stability. [NYT] 8:04 AM Mar 31st
  4. Reading comments in NYTimes story about Haiti [ ], it’s clear that ppl don’t know many factors influencing family size in dev countries 😦 4:48 PM Mar 29th
  5. The most lively conversations we had yesterday with the finalists were about corruption and debt vs equity. 3:58 PM Mar 29th
  6. @nytimeskristof just did a great piece on our friends SOIL, an NGO that does composting toilets in Cap Haitien 8:27 AM Mar 29th
  7. First day AIDG Konkou 8 hours of lecture ahead, turn on acer, no boot, bricked bios, no backup USB , thank god for core knowledge and chalk! 7:37 PM Mar 28th
  8. Not sure why the UN peacekeepers are walking around with guns at the ready today. The city seems otherwise quite calm. They’re making people nervous. 8:15 PM Mar 27th
  9. All 5 finalists in our 1st comp in Haiti were men. We need to try harder next time around to recruit female entrepreneurs.2:37 PM Mar 27th
  10. Dorit Leavitt in Guate: AIDG’s 2nd business plan competition is in the works in Guatemala. The theme is: water, energy, and sanitation!

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*Note: Satellite data for Cap Haitien is 2 years old so our projects will not be visible. 😦