Contest: Have you ever been to Guatemala? Wanna go???!!!

Guatemala collage

We all know there is an economic crisis going on and that people are having to cut some of their expenses, including donations to charities (sniff!). This all means that we need more help from people like you to keep our programs going strong. But why not make it a little spicy.

A simple proposition

We’re looking for volunteer fundraisers to help us raise the money to continue our work in Haiti and Guatemala. In appreciation for your time, energy and enthusiasm, the top fundraiser gets a trip to Guatemala to visit AIDG’s international office hub “”where sustainable development is put to action”!

Guatemala mapInterested fundraisers will receive an information pack with all the details. You must have a phone and internet access to participate. This fundraising campaign begins April 15th, 2009 and ends December 31st 2009. Contact to request the information pack and please include a bit of information about yourself.

Fine print: The minimum for “top fundraiser” qualification is $3,500 and this is NOT a paid position.

k thx bai.