AIDG joins the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs [ANDE]


In their 2007 article Creating high-impact nonprofits and later in their book Forces for Good, McLeod Grant and Crutchfield outlined 6 practices of high-impact nonprofits.

Practice #4 focused on collaboration and the nurturing of nonprofit networks.

From their SSI Review Article:

Although most nonprofits pay lip service to collaboration, many of them really see other groups as competition for scarce resources. But highimpact organizations help their peers succeed, building networks of nonprofit allies and devoting remarkable time and energy to advancing their fields. They freely share wealth, expertise, talent, and power with other nonprofits not because they are saints, but because it’s in their self-interest to do so.

Taking this lesson to heart, AIDG became one of the founding members of ANDE, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs in early 2009. ANDE, housed in the Aspen Institute, is a member-driven organization of NGOs, venture funds, and foundations dedicated to the creation and growth of small and growing businesses (SGBs). *** Jargon alert***: the previous term was SME or small and medium enterprise. I haven’t a clue why the switch to SGB was necessary.

ANDE was launched to deal one of the major issues effecting the success of organizations working on “development through enterprise“.

The true constraint to growth of capital and assistance for SGBs is the gap between investors with capital and funding for technical assistance and the opportunities on the ground in emerging markets. ANDE is, in part, a collective effort to bridge the gap. The amount of capital and technical assistance made available to SGBs has grown rapidly. We have identified an estimated 150 organizations providing approximately $4 billion in capital and services to small and growing businesses in developing countries

The membership fee was steep to weed out pretenders, but the benefits are huge. The biggest is that it enables increased collaboration between groups working toward the same general goal: to help entrepreneurs in developing countries “generate much needed employment, and in the process, address critical social and environmental problems in the developing world”.

Founding Members (in alphabetical order)

Acumen Fund
African Agricultural Capital
The Aspen Institute
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Citi Foundation
Dalberg Global Development Advisors
Frontier Market Advisors
Grassroots Business Fund
IGNIA Partners, LLC
InvesteQ Capital Ltd.
JCS Investments
The Lemelson Foundation
Lundin for Africa
McKinsey & Company
Mercy Corps
Omidyar Network
Rianta Capital
The Rockefeller Foundation
Root Capital
Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)
Shared Interest
Shell Foundation
Skoll Foundation
SNV-Netherlands Development Organization
Social Equity Venture Fund (SE.VEN Fund)
TechnoServe Inc.
William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan
World Resources Institute – New Ventures