AIDG's Rocket Box Stove mentioned in Forbes

Rosalinda and Josefina at La Florida help us test the Rocket Box Stove

Rosalinda and Josefina from La Florida help us test fuel usage with the Rocket Box as compared to a traditional wood stove.

Our Rocket Box stove developed by Beau Baldock and manufactured by XelaTeco got a shout-out in Forbes along with 9 other green tech innovations for developing countries.

Xela Teco, a small manufacturer in Guatemala, worked with the Boston-based nonprofit Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group to develop a better design for a wood burning stove that uses 50% less wood and funnels the smoke out of the home through a chimney. It sells for around $150; the payback on the stove is about one year, since it can cut in half the average $25 families spend per month for wood.

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