Tweets for the Tweet (3/23/09)

We’ve been so busy over here at AIDG that unfortunately our blogging has fallen by the wayside. Good for our programs (yay!), bad for our readers (boo!). That said, I’ve have been twittering up a storm.

Here are some choice tweets from the past few weeks. Some abbreviations have been expanded for readability and to not incur the wrath of grammarians.

  1. Haiti: From Natural Catastrophe to Economic Security by Paul Collier (Bottom Billion author ) [PDF] Today
  2. Getting close to picking the Final 5 for our biogas biz plan compeition! Our extra push brought in some great apps from the community. Today
  3. One of the dry composting public toilets we built with SOIL in the slum Shada is full. Yesterday we did some emptying at the compost site in Milot. 7:35 AM Mar 20th
  4. Thinking about capital requirements for small business development in poor countries. It’s interesting to think about 10 Fortune 500 Companies that started w/little . 8:10 PM Mar 19th
  5. Pretty eye-opening and useful meeting with CHF International today. 8:00 PM Mar 18th
  6. Bottom of the pyramid design is filled w/lots of vaporware. The design process tends 2B underfunded &/or paying clients can b hard 2 find. 1:53 PM Mar 18th
  7. Checking out and US based NGO that qualified Haitian university grads start small businesses. 12:42 PM Mar 16th
  8. Had an excellent day talking to community groups about biogas and entrepreneurship. We’ve extended the business plan comp deadline to get more apps. 9:10 PM Mar 15th
  9. 4 ppl int in Last Mile internet, in Haiti we have NLOS wireless broadband provided by Access Haiti using Motorola’s Expedience. Wimax, baby. 12:38 PM Mar 14th
  10. Woohoo. Jose Ordonez, our tech lead in Guatemala, & Meg Harper, a former intern, were both also accepted to MIT’s Int’l Dev Design Summit. 8:17 AM Mar 14th
  11. 3/3/86 Blast from the past: When was the last time that People magazine featured the wives of 3rd world dictators? . 12:01 AM Mar 13th
  12. Congrats to Sam Redfield who got accepted to MIT’s Int’l Dev Design Summit taking place in Ghana this summer. 4:23 PM Mar 12th

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