Video: When America sneezes, Latin America catches the flu [OECD]

I haven’t been able to devote lots of attention to the blog lately (sniff). That said I’m going to try to toss up videos/media until I can plow through a backlog of posts I’ve been wanting to write.

Right now I’m trying to learn more about finance in Latin America and the Caribbean. If you want to do business incubation, you gotsta know about finance and local markets. It’s also important to know how the American financial crisis is going to effect people in the places we work, especially given that “when America sneezes, Latin America catches the flu”. For instance, the communities we work with like La Florida, Nueva Alianza, etc. depend on the production of coffee and other commodities whose prices are very volatile.

Duration: 3 min 53 sec

Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Chief Economist for Latin America at the OECD Development Centre talks about the effect on the financial crisis on the region. Around 1 min 48 sec, he talks about fiscal policy and how it relates to reduction poverty and inequality. Over the past several years, Latin America as a whole has increased spending on public services like education, but they still are not seeing the same benefits for the amount of money spent as other countries in Europe per se.

Dayton-Johnson mentions the OECD PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) studies that look at how 15 year olds around the world perform on standardized tests that cover reading, math and science. If you’re interested in playing around with the data and learning how the mean math scores between boys and girls vary in Chile compared to the US, click here [PISA Country Profiles]

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