Friday Shoutouts 10142008: Windbelt for Dummies and Rocket Scientists

Canadian science class recreates early version of the Windbelt™

Braden Kelley from Blogging Innovation recently did a great interview with our friend and colleague, Shawn Frayne. While reading, I picked up this fun fact:

In part to support the different goals for wealthy countries and developing countries, Humdinger has decided to make part of their intellectual property available for educational exploration. One of the purposes of doing that is to treat the wind belt as open source hardware in the developing countries while at the same time patent protecting it in develop[ed] countries.

Which means you can download the plans for a desktop Windbelt from their site. You need to give up your email address and join their newsletter, but it’s a small price to pay.

Windbelt for Dummies and Rocket Scientists

Note: The rubber duck is essential. 🙂

Instructable user Tool Using Animal has posted video and info on his first iterations of Shawn’s Windbelt. I don’t believe they were made using the aforementioned tutorial, but check them out anyway. Windbelt Redux 21st Century Micro Power Generation

Duration: 59 sec

Note from Tool Using Animal: I’ll state that the frequency is much higher than it appears in the video, it must be a consequence of the frame rate.

The multiple iterations of the Windbelt

Micro Windbelt
Micro Windbelt™: powering temperature and light sensors used in smart buildings

Medium Windbelt
A version of the Medium Windbelt™ building block

Some of the Humdinger Wind Team in Xela, Guatemala
Some of the Humdinger Wind Team in Xela, Guatemala. Pictured: Shawn Frayne, Jordon McRae, Jose Ordonez, and Kurt Kornbluth

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