Video: My talk at BIF-4 [Giving Tantalus a drink]

Duration: 15 min 49 sec

The challenge they set speakers at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) is to tell a story, specifically a personal story. Not your standard spiel. Not your normal pitch. So here’s my narrative. It combines Greek myth and a little Diana Ross to talk about the need for R&D and business development for poverty alleviation. It’s from the heart. It’s how we hope our work can impact the world.

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Note: a few flubbed lines.
Shada has 20,000 to 25,000 people living within a square mile not 20 to 25.
The corn sheller was made in Malawi. Amy Smith let us borrow it.
I know, I know. I need to retake intro physics. In talking about Galloping Gertie, I totally misuse the term energy where I mean force.
Photos of the Pelton turbine and ballast load controllers were taken by Xeni Jardin.

Stories I mention in my talk if you want more information:
Extreme Rich Poor Divides [Photos]
Communities We Are Working With: Shada (Haiti)
Communities We Work With: Comunidad Nueva Alianza (Guatemala)
Hecho A Mano en Guatemala (NPR)
Sam Redfield on Pico-hydro at La Florida
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