Classes: Development Ventures [MIT D-Lab]

D-Lab IV: Development Ventures Seminar

Earlier last month Sandy Pentland and Joost Bonsen kicked off their Development Ventures seminar, which has become a part of the D-lab family of classes.

Course Description:

Development Ventures (DV) is an exploratory developmental entrepreneurship seminar on founding, financing, & building viable ventures in developing nations and emerging regions. DV is a member of the larger D-Labs family of classes addressing Development-Design-Dissemination at MIT. Since 2001 we have challenged students to use business methods to tackle the UN Millennium Development Goals by crafting enduring, scalable, and economically viable solutions to problems faced by at least One Billion people worldwide.

Jose Gomez-Marquez from Little Devices That Could is going to be attending the class so check out his blog for up to date info on how the class is going.

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