Haiti Relief Operations: Who is Doing What Where? [Part 1: Governments]

This is a non-exhaustive list of what governments are doing in response to the disastrous hurricanes in Haiti. Most of the data has been gleaned from Relief Web.

Table 1. Haiti Hurricanes 2008: Numbers at a Glance
[as of 09/19/08]

Total Affected Population 850,000 GOH – 9/15/2008
Dead 423 OCHA – 9/15/2008
Missing 50 GOH – 9/11/2008
IDPs 151,072 GOH – 9/10/2008
IDPs in Shelters 111,391 OCHA – 9/15/2008
Other Damage 10,842 houses destroyed,
35,125 houses damaged
GOH – 9/11/2008

Data Source: USAID.
GOH – Government of Haiti
OCHA – UN Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs
IDPs – Internally Displaced Persons

A little help from the US Department of Defense [09/10/2008]. More info on the deployment

Table 2. Cash Pledges/Fulfilled Donations

In general US money gets used by USAID. Other countries funnel their donations to UN agencies, the International Federation of Red Cross, and national NGOs.

Government Pledge Amount
Pledge Date Agency Managing
Japan $1.6 million 9/19/08 WFP, IOM
OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) $300,000 9/18/08 IFRC
Dfid (UK) $7 million
(Haiti, Turks & Caicos, etc.)
9/16/08 Red Cross, UN agencies,& other NGOs
Norway NOK 8 million 9/12/08 Red Cross, UN agencies,& other NGOs
USAID/OFDA $9,000,000 9/16/08 USAID
US DOD $821,000
Dispatch of USS Kearsage to Haiti with badly needed air & sealift capacity
09/08/08 US Government
Belgium 1 million Euros
(Haiti & Cuba)
9/16/08 ?
France 4 million Euros 9/16/08 ?
Netherlands 3.3 million Euros 9/16/08 WFP, Int’l Red Cross
USAID $9.5 million 09/11/2008 WFP, ?
Italy 150.000 Euros 09/10/2008 IFRC
USAID $2.9 million 09/08/2008 USAID
USAID $2.1 million 09/08/2008 USAID
USAID $5,000,000 (Not new money. Funds shifted from existing, less critical programs) 09/08/2008 USAID
France 4.1 millions Euros 09/09/2008 WFP, UNICEF, FAO
Canada $5 million (CAD?) 09/09/2008 Trusted humanitarian partners
Canada $600,000
Includes provision of emergency relief supplies for 2,000 families
09/06/2008 IFRC, Médecins du Monde
Switzerland 1.15 million CHF 09/04/2008 Swiss Red Cross, WFP, SDC/Humanitarian Aid (HH)
Germany 200,000 Euros (Haiti & Cuba) 09/03/2008 German NGOs
Italy 100,000 Euros
(Haiti, Cuba & Jamaica)
09/03/2008 IFRC
USAID $100,000 09/02/2008 USAID
AECID (Spain) ?
For Haiti, DR & Cuba
08/18/2008 ?


Table 3. In Kind Donations

Many countries sent disaster response or assessment teams. Not all these contributions were noted below.

Government Donations Date
Argentina Sent over 8 specialized volunteers (emergency medicine and logistical specialists) and water purification tablets 09/18/08
Colombia 11 tons of humanitarian aid: foodm medicine, clothing and toher essentials 09/17/2008
Jamaica Blankets, mattresses, tents, first aid kits, lanterns, generators, plastic sheetings, water containers, and ready to eat meals 09/12/2008
France 60 firefighters of which 8 are doctors and nurses. 7 tons of humanitarian supplies including water purification tablets 09/16/2008
Venezuela 16 tons of food and 4 of mineral water 09/13/08
Japan Emergency relief goods: plastic sheets, water purifiers, portable jerry cans, tents, blankets, sleeping mats and water tanks equivalent to about 22 million yen 09/10/09
France Water purification tablets for 6 million liters of water that will supply up to 200 000 people for 6 days (5 L per person/day) 09/10/08
AECID (Spain) Chartered plane with 55 tons of humanitarian aid from WFP and IFRC destined for Haiti and Cuba 09/10/2008
Venezuela 34 tons between water, non-perishable food, medicines, blankets and tools 09/09/2008
Dominican Republic 150 thousand pounds of food, clinics with their mobile medical and paramedical staff, ambulances, chlorine, water purifying plant, medicines, bottled water, fumigation for disease vector control. 09/05/2008
Spain Chartered plane for transport of 53,550 units of water treatment tablets, 30,600 units of rehydration salts, and 53 filtration units supplied by Farmamundi 09/05/08
Spain Chartered plane to transport humanitarian aid (1197 hygienic kits, 1,700 jerry cans of water, 3,000 mosquito nets, 1,200 kitchen kits, 2400 blankets, as well as 4 motorboats, and 6 electric generators) from WFP to Haiti 09/04/08
France five-person detachment from Civil Security today to assess the damages and determine the appropriate response, pre-stocked humanitarian relief supplies 09/04/2008
JICA (Japan) Emergency supplies: tents, blankets, sleeping mats, plastic sheeting, portable water tanks, water purifiers and generators equivalent to 17 million yen 09/02/2008

IFRC – International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
WFP – World Food Program