Link of the day 091708: Green tech in developing countries [The Economist]

Check out Another green revolution from the Economist

Ignore the story’s summary line: “Most homes are in the developing world. They are going green, too.” It’s seriously bordering on hyperbole and has little to do with the rest of the article which focuses on Envirofit stoves and Light up the World’s LED lights.

Of particularly interest is the scale of Envirofit’s operation:

Their design is now being commercialised by an NGO called Envirofit. It produces four models in China and India that sell for $10-80. Ron Bills, Envirofit’s boss, hopes to sell 10m stoves worldwide by 2013. Dr Willson’s team, meanwhile, has devised an experimental stove that generates electricity using a thermoelectric device and powers a white light-emitting diode (LED).

They received a 5-year $25 million grant from the Shell Foundation last year. Envirofit itself is a spinoff company from Colorado State University’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory.