Hands-on Biodigester Installation Course

Biodigester installation course at IRRI-Mexico

Hands-on Biodigester Installation Course
Date: August 8-10th,
Location: International Renewable Resources Institute – Mexico
El Molino, Eronga, Michoacan, Mexico
Cost: $275 USD. Does not include lodging, food or local transportation, but arrangements can be for all of these by IRRI, and inexpensive options (less than $30 USD/day) are available. Discounts are available for students or renewable energy installation program representatives.
Contact: info {at] irrimexico [dot} org


This three-day course will cover an overview of biodigester applications, and the impacts this technology can have on the energy production, health, water quality, emissions and economics of households and communities. The science of anaerobic digestion and its many applications will be covered, but the course focus will be the installation of a functioning biodigester and working with the family members to design, install, and support the system.

The goal is to provide a fuel source to a local family for cooking and heating as well as a waste treatment system for the production of organic fertilizer. Biodigesters convert organic waste into clean renewable energy for heating, cooking, or the production electricity and has the potential to make significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. The byproduct of biodigesters is a high quality organic fertilizer that can support local agricultural systems. IRRI-Mexico is promoting an inexpensive, yet durable design that can be easily installed and maintained in a variety of contexts.

This installation will primarily be taught in Spanish, but there will be opportunities for translation English. Translation and extra time can be given to those who need clarification or more English materials. 

Hattip Jesse Engel.