Increased Kidnappings in Cap Haitien, Haiti

Starthrower Foundation, another NGO working in Cap had this grim news in the beginning of July:

I am sending on some news about what’s happened in the past few days. It seems lawlessness here is at an all time high.

In Cap-Haitien:

  • A 23year-old kidnapped from our katye was killed as her parents had no money to pay ransom.
  • A doctor kidnapped from the corner paid $50,000.00 US for his freedom.
  • A friend of Jack’s was kidnapped last night while riding a taptap; the same ransom demand ($50,000). He has 2 small children, no job.

Relief Web, the online hub for humanitarian information, reports that:

[The] kidnapping of children remains an area of high concern [throughout Haiti]. Children represent 35% of the total number of victims of kidnapping, and an increasing number of girls and since the beginning of the year 66 minors, including 28 girls, were victims of kidnapping [in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien] (compared with 80 victims (41 girls) in all 2007). Two of these children were killed.

The victims were a six month baby in Arcahaie and a 16 year-old boy, whose body showed signs of torture, in Port-au-Prince.

Month Boys Girls Total
January 4 2 6
February 4 3 7
March 7 5 12
April 6 4 10
May 13 2 15
June 7 8 13
July* 2 2 4
Total 41 26 67

* Reported on July 22nd.

Most of the girls who were kidnapped were also sexually abused. “A significant number of kidnapping cases reported during this period were perpetrated against children nearby or on the way in/out of school.”