BBtv World: El Molinero, Guatemala [Video]

One of my favorite bloggers/journalists, Xeni Jardin, was back in Guatemala recently and created this inaugural piece for a new series on Boing Boing TV.

[BBtv World] will feature first-person glimpses of life around the world, told through the lenses and voices of Boing Boing editors, guest collaborators — and through the people in these places, their own stories, their own way. When we can, we want to place the camera directly in the hands — literally — of the people whose lives, cultures, and lands we’re visiting.

We’re kicking this off with an episode I shot during a recent visit in a K’iche Maya village in the highlands of Guatemala. I go there a few times a year to work on sustainable development projects with an international nonprofit managed with local indigenous leaders.
The K’iche girls you see in this episode helped me shoot some of what you see. In future episodes, they’ll tell their stories themselves.

So stay tuned.

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