Link of the Day 071508: Snared in a homemade 'NitroNet' [BBC]

From the BBC:

Over the last decade, you have surely heard many views as to why you should worry about carbon and climate change.

But the chances are you’re not worrying about nitrogen.

In fact, there is a global nitrogen threat out there, yet the world seems not to notice!

Why not? Where aren’t people talking about this you ask.

Marc Sutton offers one reason:

There are many different nitrogen forms, from atmospheric ammonia, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, to the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide and nitrates in aquatic systems.

Each has different effects: increased air pollution threatens human health and biodiversity, disturbance of the greenhouse gas balance, and loss of drinking and bathing water quality.

It is the kind of complexity that is not easy to chat about casually on a bus journey.

All this makes for a double challenge to the scientific community; to understand and deal with an extremely complex system, while distilling out the simple messages.