Carnival of the Green # 136

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Carnival of the Green

It’s that time of year again. Carnival of the Green is back on the AIDG blog. This week’s carnival features stories on earth-friendly homes in Tunisia (aka Tatooine), a royal’s embracing of the wine-based ethanol for his car, nature photography and more.

If you can’t get enough, last week’s carnival (July 7th) was hosted by Greentime. Next week’s (July 21) will be on Blooms and Bees.

To find out how you can get involved as a host or submit content, check out Treehugger’s Carnival on the Green page.

Fave posts of this Week’s Carnival

1. Galactic Green Cred: The Environmentalism of Star Wars

Earth Friendly homes on Tatooine (aka Tunisia)

Ben Ray from delves into the environmentalism of Star Wars, from vegetarian diets and energy-efficient buildings in Tatooine (Tunisia) to freegan jawas.

2. Plastic Bags Upcycled into a Clothespin Bag

Peg bag made of recyced plastic pags

Drowning in plastic bags? If you’re a crafty type, do not fret. Cindy Endahl shows you how to make snazzy plastic bag fashions. Her peg bag and free patterns for her other upcycled craft ideas.

Alternative Energy and Appropriate Technology

3. Heating Your Home with Geothermal Energy Can Save You Big!

Geothermal info graphic: winter

Benjamin from Trees Full of Money writes about how installing a geothermal system for your home can save you 70% or more per year on home heating and cooling bills. They are more expensive to initially install than traditional heating and cooling systems ($2500 to $3500 per 500 square ft of living space). However given the current fuel prices, such systems can pay for themselves in a few years. Also different states offer incentives to homeowners. Read more to find out.

4. Why Composting is So Important for the Environment

Wesley Joseph of the Enviro Human Impact blog gives 7 reasons why you should start composting today.

Climate Change/Environment

5. Climate change: the Garnaut report

Idiot/Savant gives us a quick look at Australia’s Garnaut Review of climate change policy.

6. Halving emissions by 2050: big deal

Ester Republic’s Deirdre Helfferich tells us how the participants in the G8 Summit have less us down again with insufficient targets for the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

7. Meat of the Matter: E Magazine on the Environmental Consequences of Livestock, And Why It’s Important To Go Vegetarian

Judith Kingsbury over at the Savvy Vegetarian gives us an analysis of Jim Motovelli’s recent article “Meat of the Matter: Environmental Consequences of Livestock”. His piece details what the global obsession with meat is doing to the environment and gives a concise, compelling argument for the vegetarian diet as the cure for environmental degradation, and global warming.

8. Spot Billed Pelican

Spot Billed Pelican

Delson Roche from Friendy Animals gives us a gander at the Spot Billed Pelican. Delson is a photographer (and birdwatcher?) in Mangalore, India and he features his nature pics here with useful description of each species.


9. Prince Charles Running his car on wine

In Diary from England, Naomi Stevens gives us info on Prince Charles’ Aston Martin Conversion. It runs on wine. Okay okay, it doesn’t really run on wine, but rather 100% bioethanol distilled from surplus British wine from local vineyards.

10. Free Falling: My First Road Rash

Self-powered modes of transportation come with their downsides as revealed Adam Pieniazek’s first case of road rash while biking. He also gives a video update.

Corporate Sustainability

11. New Milk Jugs | Where Capitalism and Environmentalism Merge
Joe at Ecojoes brings attention to Walmart and Cost-co’s new milk jug design. While some complain that it is harder to pour, it has many environmental and cost advantages. Check out Joe’s post to see what they are.

Walmart adopts new milk jug design

Eco-lifestyle and Greening your life posts

12. Energy-efficient and Water-saving Clothes Washing Machines

Want to wash your clothes more greenly, but can’t sort through corporate green-washing about their appliances? Veggie Revolution’s Sally Kneidel gives some advice.

13. The Omnivore’s Solution – a review of ‘In Defense of Food’

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Tim Fowler of reviews Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”. Pollan tells us to “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” But what is food? How much is too much? What kind of plants? “In Defense of Food” offers solutions to the Omnivore’s Dilemma.

14. 5 Ways Europeans Live Better than Americans

Gaiam’s Wendy Worrall Redal clues us in on what many of us have known for years. European’s have a greener and sometimes chiller (siesta anyone?) lifestyle than we Americans.

15. No More Filmy Plastic Bags, Redux

Jen X from the Daily Mitvah clues us in on reuseable replacements for the thin filmy plastic produce bags at the supermarket.

16. To Repair or Not To Repair…

Betsy Teutsch of Money Changes Things gives an example of when paying “more than the item is worth” for a repair is worth the extra expense.

17. Bed, Breakfast and Hiking Boots

An important part of protecting the environment is getting out there in enjoying it. Horsewoman of Innstyle Montana offers tips for the day hiker.

18. The Unspoken Global Warming Resolution: Short Hair

Short hair trends

Victoria Everman (twitter) sends two fun posts. One is on the trend of celebrities short dos these days. Is it an unspoken global warming resolution. Ya know, less water, less shampooing, no need to blow-dry. 🙂

19. VE on Gaiam Life: 10 Ways to Green Your Pet

In her second post, Victoria gives reasons to green your pet and offers a great top 10 list that will help you do it.

20. Panic at the Disco?

Ben Mawhinney from How Ethical Blog suggests 5 inspirational music tracks to take action against climate change.

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