10 Most Popular Blog Posts (Jan-June 2008)

Why save top 10 lists for the end of the year? Here are our most popular blog posts thus far in 2008.

1. Sam Redfield on Pico-hydro at La Florida
Sam Redfield, the primary developer of pico-hydroelectric system in a 5-gallon bucket writes about his invention and time with us in Guatemala.

Demoing the bucket pico-hydro system at La Florida in Guatemala

2. Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do [TED]
Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, talks about our new wave of overprotected kids — and spells out 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do. This talk should also be subtitled “How to turn your kid into a scientist or engineer”.

A few of Tulley's brand/culture hacking labels

3. Development Porn: NGO Imagery
This is probably my favorite post. I talk about how we use imagery in AIDG’s marketing, how we try to stay away from the creepy stereotype of people in developing countries as victims waiting to be rescued, and throw in some gender, power, class discussions to wrap things up. Definitely check out the comment section.

4. Silent Majority: An International Development Simulation

A really useful classroom simulation about the interaction between the community being helped, NGOs, the donor agency, and local government officials. I would highly recommend trying this as a class exercise if you teach international development.

5. Non sequitur 7/9/2007: Glass Wing Butterfly


6. Tech Tuesday: AIDG’s Rocket Box Stove

Rocket Box Stove

A CNET-style review of our new rocket box stove. We don’t have a manual, but we do have a Rough Guide on How to Build a Rocket Box Stove.

7. Top 10 Rivers At Risk

Ganges, Varanasi, India

Photo by dwrawlinson from Flickr

A pictorial summary of WWF’s “World’s Top 10 Rivers at Risk” report.

8. Video: Dean Kamen on Colbert Report talking about his water purification system

Dean Kamen's water purifier extraordinaire

9. Kelli Horner on her summer internship w/AIDG & XT

Kelli Horner

10. Bentley Leadership Forum Part IV: Keynote by Nicholas Negroponte


Nicholas Negroponte (Founder and Co-director of MIT’s Media Lab) gives a rundown of his cute little green machine.