Videos: Epic Fu interviews Elon Musk of Tesla & a ride with Minn. Mayor in his converted plug-in hybrid

My favorite vlogger, Zadi Diaz, did a fun green episode (which I mentioned here earlier today) featuring an interview with Elon Musk is the principal owner and chairman of Tesla Motors.

Pete wanted me to stress that despite Musk’s assertion (that “even if everyone bought a hybrid, we would all be 100% addicted to fossil fuels”), plug-in hybrid hacks, Toyota’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid Prototype and the Chevy Volt may prove him wrong.

The Mayor of Minneapolis,R.T. Rybak, takes us on a ride in his converted Plug-in Prius

Mayor Rybak noted that at the time of filming (Fall 2007) there were only 2 companies in the US that did professional plug-in conversions and that they were expensive. His was done by A123 subsidiary HyMotion. The current price for the conversion kit plus installation is $9995. Ouch.

Rybak is working on getting such companies to locate to Minnesota and offering them incentives so that the price can be brought within closer reach for more people.

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