Netherlands’s largest offshore wind farm opens

Our former rockstar intern Maarten Graveland sent us this news from his current employer, Econcern.
120MW Princess Amalia Wind Farm

[June 4, 2008], Econcern and Eneco have opened the Netherlands’s largest offshore wind farm. At this festive event, the wind farm (previously known as Q7) was renamed to “Princess Amalia Wind Farm”, after Princess Catharina-Amalia, the eldest daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima. This cleanest power plant supplies approximately 435 GWh of power, which is sufficient to provide 125,000 Dutch households with renewable energy.

Q7: The construction of Europe’s largest off-shore wind park

Duration: 4 min 58sec

Construction of off shore windpark “Princes Amalia” (Q7), off the cost of The Netherlands close to the town of IJmuiden. The wind farm has a capacity of 120 MW (60 turbines of 2MW each) and was constructed by Econcern bv in joint venture with Eneco.

More videos of different stages of the building process
Econcern CEO Ad van Wijk on CNBC explaining the company’s mission: sustainable energy supply for everyone


Wind turbines: 60 Vestas V80 wind turbines of 2 MW each
Capacity: 120 MW
Water depth: 19 – 24 metres
Distance from shore: 23 kilometres
Surface area: 14 km²
Hub height: 59 metres
Rotor diameter: 80 metres
Start construction: Second half 2006
Commissioning and start production: First quarter 2008
Annual power production: 435 GWh
CO2-emissions avoidance: 225.000 tonnes/year
Enough to power: 125.000 households

FYI: This one farm produces 435 GWh annually. Haiti’s entire electricity production is 535 GWh (2005, CIA World Factbook)

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