Link of the Day 050508: TechShop: a community tinkering space

Today on Boing Boing tv, Xeni visits TechShop, an open-access public workshop that’s kind of like a health club with heavy machinery and sparks instead of treadmills. Tinkerers, inventors, and hackers pay a membership fee, and in turn receive access to professionally-maintained gear, workshops, mentors, and a community of like-minded makers.

Currently there is only one site in Silicon Valley, and it opened in 2006. But founder Jim Newton (a lifetime maker, veteran BattleBots builder and former MythBuster) plans to open a number of locations around the US — and eventually, the rest of the world.

120 Independence Dr
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(800) 640-1975

Open 9:00 AM to Midnight 7 Days a Week (except major holidays)

Berkeley’s tool lending library