Link of the Day 050208: Cleaner Water With a Wand (No Magic Required) [NYTimes]

Interesting. Very interesting.

From the NYTimes:

TRAVELERS who don’t trust the water from a mountain stream or a hotel-room faucet have often used chemicals or filters to purify it. Now they have a high-tech option as well: swirl the water with a portable, lightweight wand that beams rays of ultraviolet light.

Video at Steripen booth from 2007’s annual Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas.

Duration: 4min 39 sec

How to use the Steripen JourneyLCD

Duration: 7min 2sec

SteriPen JourneyLCD
Available at REI, LL Bean, etc.
Retails at $129.95 (Ouch!)
Uses CR123 Batteries, most often seen in digital cameras.

Thanks, Pete.

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