AIDG's Environmental Education Center: Proyecto Futuros Verdes (Xela, Guatemala)

Build Site for Proyecto Futuros Verdes

Proyecto Futuros Verdes. Future site of AIDG’s interactive environmental education center in Guatemala (Photo taken 03/28/08)

Proyecto Futuros Verdes aims to address the educational component of AIDG’s mission by providing an interactive environmental education center in Xela, Guatemala. This Center will be geared primarily towards schoolchildren, providing general information about environmental trends in Guatemala, simple advice on how to reduce individual and family environmental impacts, and demonstrations of appropriate technology.

The exhibits will be divided into modules (Earth, Water, Wind and Sun) that each feature a set of relevant appropriate technologies. The educational material will cover topics about the major environmental problems facing Guatemala, interactive brainstorms about environmentally friendly household habits and explore the innovative solutions offered by appropriate technology to many environmental challenges.

The Center will be free to school groups, yet tourist groups or travelers would pay a nominal entrance fee (TBD) to defray the operating costs.

The site is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2008. Use of the property was generously donated to AIDG by a local businessman, Jack Mannen, originally from Texas.

AIDG Intern Carlos Poza describes the project:

Duration: 48sec