Event: Global Poverty Initiative – Millennium Campus Conference [4/18-20, MIT]

Global Poverty Initiative
Global Poverty Initiative – Millennium Campus Conference
Date: April 18-20, 2008
Location: MIT
Speakers: Amy Smith, AIDG’s Peter Haas, Paul Polak, Paul Farmer (Partners in Health), John Wood (Room to Read)
Ira Magaziner (Clinton Foundation)
Registration: http://gpi.mit.edu/register.php

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is an organization of university student groups in the Boston area committed to supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to eradicate extreme poverty. The Network brings together student organizations at leading universities to make the anti-poverty movement – in the spirit of the MDGs – a fully cross-disciplinary, collaborative and integrated effort.

The MCN’s Millennium Campus Conference will be hosted by different member universities each year, with the MCN hosting a series of seminars, workshops, and projects in between each conference. The inaugural conference, hosted by the MIT GPI, will open MCN’s resources and mentorship opportunities to the hundreds of students interested in starting or continuing work in poverty alleviation in the coming year.


Day 1 – Friday 4/18

9-11am Registration
11am-12pm Opening keynote
1-2pm Technology keynote:Amy Smith
2:15-3:30pm Track Session 1

  • Economics: Globalization: The Panacea for Poverty?
  • Education: The Bottom Up Approach
  • Health: AIDS in Zambia: A Personal Account
  • Public Policy: Leading the Charge Against Global Poverty
  • Technology: The Technological Chasm in ICT
3:30-5:30pm PANEL: Stories from the Field: Student Work in Poverty Alleviation
Movie Screening: Salud
6:00-10pm Evening Activities

Day 2 – Saturday 4/19

8-9:30am Registration
9:30-10:30am Health keynote: Paul Farmer
10:45am-12pm Track Session 2

  • Economics: Banking for the Poor
  • Education: Bridging the Technology Gap for Educational Growth
  • Health: Health Challenges of Today: New Versions of Old Diseases
  • Public Policy: Power, Responsibility, and Extreme Poverty
  • Technology: “Small is Beautiful”: Appropriate Technology
12-1pm Education keynote: John Wood
1-2:30pm Networking Luncheon (limited to 100 attendees)
1-3:30pm Student Expo for Social Change
3:45-5pm Track Session 3

  • Economics: Institutional Aid: Harmful or Essential?
  • Education: Cost-Effective Education
  • Health: : Obstacles to Healthcare Delivery
  • Public Policy: Faith and Famine
  • Technology: The Green Revolution and the Fight Against World Hunger
5-6pm Action Workshop – Starting Projects for Global Change

Action Workshop – Leadership and Organizations: Leading Your Peers to Change the World

7-10:30PM Millennium Campus Concert at the Roxy

Day 3 – Sunday 4/20

8-9:30am Registration
9:30-10:30am Public Policy keynote: Ira Magaziner
10:45am-12pm Track Session 4

  • Economics: Cutting-Edge Research in Development Economics
  • Education: A National Call for Education: A Closer Look at Tanzania
  • Health: : Doctors and Disasters in Resource-Poor Settings
  • Public Policy: Poverty, Security, and Public Policy
  • Technology: Building Infrastructure to Catalyze Community Growth
12-1pm Economics keynote: TBD
2-4pm Millennium Action Challenge poster session
Beyond College: Career Expo
3-4pm Action Workshop – Overcoming Barriers in Project Delivery
Action Workshop – Fundamental Steps to Effective Campaigns
Movie Screening: Hole in the Wall
4-6pm Show Me: The Poverty Action Tour — Jeffrey Sachs and John Legend
6-8pm Closing Ceremonies and Reception