Event: Entrepreneurial Approaches to Energy for Development [Yale]

Entrepreneurial Approaches to Energy for Development
Date: Thursday March 27, 2008
Time: 1130AM-1PM
Location: Bowers Auditorium Sage Hall – 205, Prospect Street, 2nd Floor
Speaker: Prof Bryan Willson – Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University

Dr. Willson is Director of the Clean Energy Supercluster at CSU and a co-founder of Envirofit International – a non-profit committed to improving global health through technology solutions to environmental problems in the developing world. Since 2003, Dr. Willson has worked with Envirofit to develop cleaner 2-stroke engines in the Philippines and cookstoves in India. He will also discuss his work on algae-based biofuels through Solix Biofuels, a CSU-affiliated startup founded to enhance energy security worldwide as well as his experience with graduate-level education in technology and sustainable social enterprise at CSU (www.GSSE.ColoState.edu).