Event: The 23rd Norris and Margery Bendetson EPIIC International Symposium (February 21st – 24th)

The 23rd Norris and Margery Bendetson EPIIC International Symposium
Date: February 21st – 24th 2008
Location: Tufts University – Medford/Somerville Campus
Some of the Speakers:
Vikram Akula (SKS Microfinance)
José Maria Argueta (Former National Security Adviser, Guatemala)
J. Brian Atwood (Former Administrator, USAID)
Steve Berkman (“The World Bank and the Gods of Lending” (forthcoming book))
Bill Drayton (Ashoka)
Jonathan Greenblatt (Ethos Water)
Robert Neuwirth (“Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters: A New Urban World”)
Andrew C. Revkin (Environmental Reporter, The New York Times)

Much progress has been made over the last few decades. Global poverty is rapidly falling for about 80 percent of the world and the number of people living in extreme poverty has been cut in half. Yet, many challenges exist, from the expected rise in population in developing countries over the next four decades – representing 86 percent of the world’s population – to the anticipated, and unanticipated, consequences of global warming. Eschewing ideology, this year’s EPIIC colloquium will seek a nuanced understanding of the concepts and reality of global poverty. Is it possible to transcend the images of starving children, the stereotypes of ruthless corporations, and corrupt politicians, to explore a realistic agenda for alleviating poverty?

Registration: http://www.epiic.org/symposium/2008/registration_1.html
Patron (includes meals with panelists): $300
General registration: $75
One day: $30
Tufts alumni, Tufts parents, Seniors (entire symposium): $25
Non-Tufts students: $15
Panel block (2 consecutive panels): $20
Tufts students: $5
Tufts faculty: Free
17 and under: Free


Wednesday, February 20th

  • 11:00am | Cabot 702 | Microfinance and the Challenge of Eradicating Poverty

Thursday, February 21st

  • 7:00pm | Cohen Auditorium | Your Future in an “Everyone a Changemaker” World
  • 8:00pm | Cohen Auditorium | Megacities: Global Slums and the Urbanization of Poverty

Friday, February 22nd

  • 12:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | Scarcity and Sustainability: Climate Change and the World’s Poor
  • 2:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | The Resource Trap: Conflict, Corruption and Failing States
  • 7:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | Alleviating Poverty: Is Aid the Answer?

Saturday, February 23rd

  • 9:30am | Cabot Auditorium | Bottom-Up Development: Microfinance and Entrepreneurship
  • 11:30am | Cabot Auditorium | Investing in Human Potential: Health, Education and the Millennium Development Goals
  • 2:30pm | The Environment in an Unequal World
  • 3:15pm | Cabot Auditorium | America’s Poor: Is there a Domestic Poverty Trap?
  • 5:15pm | Olin 101, 102, 103, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 116 | Small-Group Discussions (topics tba)
  • 8:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | Illicit Trade and the Informal Economy: Abuse of the Poor

Sunday, February 24th

  • 1:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | Corporate Social Responsibility: Principles, Priorities, and Profits
  • 3:00pm | Cabot Auditorium | Governance, Wealth, Power and Accountability