Casual Photo Friday: A little taste of our life in Haiti Pt 1

I’ve been promising to post photos/videos from the road but have been seriously derelict. However, because it’s Friday and my brain is rather fried, a work update will have to wait for the weekend or Monday. Instead here are a few non-work pics to get a sense what off-hours are like here in Cap.


Cat and MINUSTAH Soldier
Me (yeah yeah yeah this is really touristy, but in 20 years time, I figured I’d want this picture.)

Sarah Brownell
Sarah Brownell of SOIL, who worked with us as Haiti program manager for a few months, is one of the reasons we got moving on the ground so quickly in Haiti.

Sasha Kramer

Two cheeky children, Pete and Sasha Kramer of SOIL, one of the most skillful networkers I’ve ever met aside form Sweet Joy Hachuela.

Filling our Water Tank
Our water tank needs to be filled once every 2 weeks or so. Last time, it had to be filled by bucket! This time, the water truck came by for a delivery.

A view from the back of the house
The school/church (not sure) behind our house. We often hear the kids singing and/or doing lessons in the morning.

Rooftop woodworking space
Our rooftop woodworking space. I love the colored lamina. In the pic, Sunny, Pete, Isnido, Elizabeth, and Roudelin.

Main square in Cap Haitien
The Main Square a few blocks away from the office/home

Hostellerie Roi Christophe

Hostellerie Roi Christophe
Hostellerie Roi Christophe, Ritzy hotel down the street where we can have a swim and electricity/satellite internet when the electricity is down.

Soil's rooftop garden
Part of SOIL’s lovely rooftop garden, fed with homegrown compost. These enviro-heroes have built a fab urine-diverting composting toilet for themselves on the 2nd floor.