Event: "This is Nollywood" Screening Boston MFA 2/1-2/10/08

This is Nollywood

“This is Nollywood” Screening [Part of African Film Festival happening all Feb.]
Date: 2/1-2/10/08
Time: 6PM
Location: Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Remis Auditorium


First came Hollywood, then Bollywood, and now Nollywood, Nigeria’s booming film industry, which released 2,000 feature films in 2006 alone. Where else can you shoot a full-length dramatic film for $10,000 in seven days? This Is Nollywood explains why Nigerian video production is fast becoming recognized as a phenomenon with broad implications for the cultural and economic development of Africa. The film follows a typical shoot from first day to last, while the director, producer, actors, crew members, and notables from the industry elaborate on how it all works, why they do it, and why they believe locally produced media is essential for Africa. Discussion with director follows screening.

MFA members, seniors, and students $8; general admission $9.

Director’s Statement

When I first read about Nigerian directors producing hundreds of feature-length films with digital cameras, a week, and a few thousand dollars, I found the subject irresistible. Here was not only a rare positive story about Africa, but one that embodied the egalitarian promise of digital technology—anybody can make a movie. And Nollywood was virtually unknown.

[I’m particularly excited about Les Saignettes, Africa’s first sci-fi film, showing 2/21 & 24]

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