AIDG Goals for 2008

Haiti: Access to sanitation and clean energy in Cap-Haitien

1. Municipal Waste-to-Energy Plant. Begin building a municipal biogas plant in Cap Haitien to improve local sanitation and provide renewable energy to the city’s residents. Once online, the plant and associated waste collection services will serve an estimated 10,000 people.

2. Compost Site with SOIL. Collaborate with local partners to establish a community compost site using effluent from the biogas plant.

3. Job Creation. Create an enterprise to manage the biogas system and collect waste for processing. Revenue will be generated from biogas sales and waste collection fees.

4. Pilot Projects: Community Biogas and Upgraded Public Latrines.

  • Install several community and family-scale biogas systems as outreach to test and promote the technologies. One such system will be installed for a pottery collective in Lori, Haiti to generate fuel for one of their kilns.
  • Help improve sanitation infrastructure by upgrading existing public latrines.

Guatemala: Access to renewable energy and water for under-served communities

5. Achieving XelaTeco’s Triple Bottom Line Goals. Cement XelaTeco as a sustainable business that provides significant social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities it serves in Guatemala. XelaTeco’s primary focus is clean energy/energy conservation systems (micro-hydroelectric, biogas, higher efficiency ‘improved’ cookstoves).

6. Community-scale Renewable Energy Systems. Help XelaTeco provide micro-hydroelectric systems for three rural communities and, pending funding, help another 12-18 communities perform micro-hydro feasibility studies and system design.

7. Delivering Water to Isolated Communities. Prepare to start AIDG’s 3rd enterprise in 2009 that will focus on delivering water supplies to isolated rural communities.

8. Pilot projects: Water Supply Delivery, Small Scale Wind Power, and Solar Hot Water.

  • Perform hydraulic ram pump projects to deliver water to isolated communities in Guatemala.
  • Conduct research & development on small-scale wind power and solar hot water systems.

AIDG: Expanding and Growing our network of businesses

9. Growing our network of businesses. To achieve our goals of providing families and communities with affordable energy, sanitation and clean water, we will continue to optimize our business incubation, training and financing model so that it can be replicated and scaled.