Link of the Day 012408: PRI's The World Tech Podcast

PRI’s World Technology Podcast gives, as you may expect, technology news from around the world.

Some of the stories they covered recently:
Technology from Estonia (4:30)
The Baltic nation of Estonia is trying to make a name for itself in the world of technology. So far, at least one of its high-tech innovations has gone global. Skype…the software that lets you make free phone calls over the internet is used by millions around the world. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Skype manager Sten Tamkivi.

Cell phone credit shortage in Kenya (3:30)

The World’s Clark Boyd reports that the political turmoil in Kenya has led to shortages of several commodities that Kenyans rely on daily. Among them, pre-paid cell phone credit. Cell phones and pre-paid minutes are key communication tools for many Kenyans who don’t have access to traditional land lines. Now cell phone credit is more valuable than cash in Kenya.

Kenya bloggers monitor unrest (4:30)

Post-election unrest in Kenya has been widespread and hard to monitor in real time. Some concerned bloggers are trying to help. They’ve set up a website where Kenyans can report on what they see in their own communities. The result: a real-time, web-based map that shows what’s happening all across Kenya. The World’s Clark Boyd has the story.
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Where “e-waste” ends up (5:00)

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Chris Carroll, who writes about e-waste in this month’s edition of the National Geographic Magazine. Americans are increasingly recycling their old electronic gadgets. But much of that recycling involves shipping e-waste to developing countries, where hazardous materials are not always handled or disposed of safely.

Wireless access in developing world (4:00)

Cyrus Farivar reports on a Silicon Valley company that helps to set up low-cost wireless networks around the world. The company started as a student project at MIT.
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