Great Links from folks we follow on Twitter [#1 01/20/08]

Post Why I liked it in 140 characters or so
Boing Boing: Life After People, new documentary Alan Weisman’s Book the World Without Us brought to life on the small screen. Premiere Mon Jan 21 History Channel
Irina Slutsky: Tech Forward It’s a bit like a car dealership where you bring in your old jalopy and get money off on your new car. V transparent about trade in values.
White African: On Technology and Transparency in African Tourism Asks how tech can be used to help “tourists find current, honest & credible info about a location before they cancel their trip due to inflated news stories that make you think a whole country is burning?”
Xeni Jardin: Guatemala: blackout began @ hydroelec plant in Escuintla. 80kmph winds killed line. Say is biggest failure in long time. Amazing that you can get real time reports like this from so far away.
Soyapi: Following post-election incidents in Kenya via a cool web2.0 site Shows just how important the internet is.
Grist: The Bottom Line: A review of six hand and body lotions Because I want to know just how very is this Keri.
Best Green Blogs: Miami, stop using the Atlantic Ocean as your toilet! “[A]t long last, the state Dept of Environmental Protection is seeking to shut down the pipelines and halt the flow of urban sewage into the ocean.”
Building Green TV: 7 Steps in the Lifecycle of a Green Product – Innovation, the Right Materials, Clean and Green Production, Efficient Distribution, Low-impact Use, Made to Last, Avoiding the Landfill Yes, yes, yes, and a “Can I get a witness?”
Shea Gunther: Are There Really ‘Continents’ of Floating Garbage? Sigh.
Chris Baskind: For anyone in my stream who didn’t see this: a posthumous entry by a milblogger killed yesterday in Iraq Powerful.