AIDG Guatemala: Initial Photos of Floating Dome Biodigester Installation

Our intern, Chase Nelson, sent these pics of the initial phases of a floating dome biodigester installation at La Florida in Guatemala. The floating dome biodigester design is more expensive, though sturdier than the polyethylene tube biodigester that we have been installing for the past several years. This prototype will serve as a model for the smaller biogas plants we will be building in Haiti this year.

The dome consists of fiberglass coated sheet metal riveted to a galvanized cast iron frame. It is one meter in diameter.

The biodigester tank will consist of a concrete base and concrete block walls.

La Florida community members have graciously agreed to help us with data collection and give feedback so that we can troubleshoot and improve designs over time.

Background on La Florida
La Florida is a worker-owned cooperative of 47 families. The community grows primarily maize, coffee and plaintains for sale as well as vegetables for personal consumption by the different families. They, like Comunidad Nueva Alianza and several other communities were are partnering with in Guatemala, are still working to pay back a loan used to purchase their farmland. They are very interested in using sustainable technologies for cost-savings and environmental benefits, particularly in association with an eco-tourism program that they are establishing.