12 Days of Xmas – 10 drops a dripping

After a long delay, 12 days of Xmas appropriate technology style continues.

Day 10: 10 drops a dripping

1. Micro-hydro power in UK from France 24 [En]

Micro-hydro power in the South of England Gants Mill in western England has been harnessing water power for nearly a millennium. And now, it powers a turbine generating enough hydroelectric power to supply ten homes. http://www.france24.com

2. Dam of Progress & Doom from Current TV

Modernization in China ? Adrian Baschuk looks at the Three Gorges Dam that displaced millions, but provides clean electricity for many millions more.

See also: China admits Three Gorges dam danger

China’s Three Gorges dam threatens to become an environmental catastrophe if the government does not act quickly, senior Chinese officials have warned in an unusual public nod to the massive project’s ecological impact.

The comments, carried in state media on Wednesday, mark a rare Chinese admission that dire predictions of ecological destruction from international experts and domestic opponents of the world’s largest dam are coming true.

3. Area rancher taps into hydropower from Aspen Times

Micro-hydroelectric in Aspen Colorado

OLD SNOWMASS — Rancher and local developer John McBride walked over to his electric meter Tuesday afternoon and pointed to the numbers ticking backward, as electricity was fed into the grid from his new micro-hydroelectric plant.

The custom-built system works both as gravity-fed irrigation and as a power plant — producing up to five kilowatts of electricity per hour. The idea behind it is simple, utilizing the gentle slope of McBride’s Capitol Creek property in Old Snowmass, but revolutionary for rural properties in the West.

4. Bandung tea produced using hydroelectricity from Cempaka Eco Green

Micro-hydro in Indonesia

When Rachmat Badruddin came up with an idea in 1999 to build a hydroelectric plant to cut diesel fuel costs, people laughed at him. The same people ridiculed him for spending Rp 2.5 billion to realize this idea, saying it was inefficient and a waste of money, at a time when diesel fuel cost only Rp 600 per liter. But Rachmat, owner of the KBP Chakra tea company, stayed true to his ambition.

5. PG&E signs nation’s first wave-energy deal from the Green Wombat

The giant San Francisco-based utility [PG&E] has signed a long-term contract to buy 2-megawatts of electricity from Finavera Renewables’ wave-energy power plant to be built off the Northern California coast. off the Northern California coast. The Vancouver company intends to eventually expand the Humboldt County project into a 100-megawatt “wave park.” It is likely to be the first of a score of floating power stations dotting California’s 1,100-mile coastline in the coming years, judging by the stack of applications for such wave farms on file at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Duration: 2min 22sec

6. Portugal Boasts World’s First Commercial Wave Power from Ecogeek

Ocean Power Delivery, a Scotland-based company, has just announced that they will be installing the world’s first commercial wave farm off the coast of Portugal.

Pelamis Wave Sea Trials

Duration: 24secs

7. Micro turbines to generate electricity for households from Today’s Zaman

Micro-hydro in Turkey

Micro hydro in Turkey

Hamit Akdere, a fish farm operator in Sivas, was the first to acquire and run one of these micro turbines. He notes that this system is “extremely profitable” as long as there is water to spin the turbine. “The electricity generated by these turbines will contribute significantly to meeting the country’s energy hunger,” Turkey’s Energy Minister Hilmi Güler has said on several occasions since the project began in 2003. “In the past, people used to say ‘water flows in vain and Turks just watch’. This will no longer be the case,” Güler stressed frequently. If micro turbines start being widely used across the country, they will supply at least 10 percent of Turkey’s total annual electricity usage — in other words they will produce around 3,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

Duration: 8:30

TEMSAN [Turkish Electromechanical Ind. Corp.] is aimed at installing, operating and rehabilitating hydroelectric power plants by realizing investments, production and erection works related with the switch equipment (H.V.circuit-breakers, disconnectors, panels, metal clad cubicles, command and relay panels) power transformers, turbo and hydro generators, hydro turbines used for the electrical energy generation and distribution.

8. Turgo turbines

Duration: 1 min 8 sec

The Turgo turbine is an impulse type turbine; water does not change pressure as it moves through the turbine blades. The water’s potential energy is converted to kinetic energy with a nozzle. The high speed water jet is then directed on the turbine blades which deflect and reverse the flow. The resulting impulse spins the turbine runner, imparting energy to the turbine shaft. Water exits with very little energy. Turgo runners may have an efficiency of over 90%.

A Turgo runner looks like a Pelton runner split in half. For the same power, the Turgo runner is one half the diameter of the Pelton runner, and so twice the specific speed. The Turgo can handle a greater water flow than the Pelton because exiting water doesn’t interfere with adjacent buckets.

9. Hydroelectric Sewer Power Generation from Half Bakery

This is a very old post from 2002, but the idea was interesting.

Every time I flush the toilet I think of the release of potential energy and the waste of that energy, particularly at work, where I am 35 floors up.

Small Hydro plants at strategic points in sewers and especially tall buildings could add many kWh to the power generation of advanced countries.

Read the comment section. The Half Bakery seems to be a place where people propose ideas and the community gives feedback.

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