New blogging schedule

Hey folks,

Our early plans for 2008 make it look to be an even busier year than this one. I’m going to be traveling a lot more so I’m going to have to cut back on blogging a bit. I’ll be posting 1-2 times a day Monday-Friday and taking weekends off. Hurray for weekends.

Here is what I’m thinking as a tentative schedule starting the second week in January.

Mon-Fri: I’m dropping the weekly top 10 in favor of a link of the day
Mon – Photo
Tues – Video and maybe a long piece
Wed – video
Thurs – appropriate tech roundup
Friday – some multimedia goodness & this week on twitter

Plus 1-2 stories per week from Guatemala or Haiti depending on folk’s schedules down there.

Though I’ll be blogging less, I’ll probably be twittering and using StumbleUpon more. Twitter for realtime updates from AIDG central and StumbleUpon as another way to keep track of good stories/news.

What do you guys think?